Nicaragua: Agricultural Costs Increase Due to Fuel

The increase in oil prices affects agriculture in both energy prices and in the cost of fuels required by this activity.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Francisco Vargas, from the Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua, told about the impact of fuel prices in agriculture.

He explained that a block of land requires about 30 gallons of diesel a season to produce and that the cost increased from $ 3.85 late last year to nearly $ 4.52 in recent days. As a result, the cost of diesel associated with a block of agricultural production grew 17% from around $ 115 to $ 135.

If things continue as they are, he states, working the field with equipment and machinery will become unprofitable and in that sense government should give a differentiated treatment to fuel used in food production so it can be purchased at a lower price," concludes the article in

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Nicaragua: Rice Producers in Trouble

March 2013

Rice farmers are overwhelmed by the increase in production costs which can exceed the final price paid by intermediaries and even that paid by consumers.

According to Alvaro Fiallos, president of the National Union of Farmers and Ranchers (UNAG), said "rice production has become unprofitable.

Gas Prices in Central America

March 2011

The Gallon of premium gasoline: Costa Rica has the highest price: $ 4.54, followed by Nicaragua with $ 4.28, Honduras $ 4.16, Guatemala 3.97, El Salvador $ 3.92 and Panama $ 3.45.

Report on average consumer prices for Gasoline and Diesel in Central America, for the week of January 30 through February 5, 2011, based on official prices and monitoring done by various Departments in the capital of each Central American country.

Fifth consecutive rise in fuel prices in Nicaragua

June 2008

Gasoline and diesel prices increased again on the weekend, for the fifth consecutive week in Nicaragua.

The price of high-grade gasoline went up from 5.01 dollars a gallon to 5.21, while regular gas rose from 4.96 to 5.16 dollars. Diesel fuel prices also went up, from 4.92 dollars a gallon to 5.13.

Fuel prices continue to rise in Nicaragua

April 2008

Fuel prices continue their upward trend in Nicaragua, reflecting the rising prices of petroleum in international markets.

On Sunday the price of a liter of diesel fuel increased from 21.95 córdobas (1.15 dollars) to 22.65 córdobas (1.19 dollars), rising for the second consecutive week.