Nicaragua: $27 Million for Poultry Industry

The multinational Cargill will invest these resources over a period of five years.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With a view to strengthening domestic production and further development of the national poultry and animal feed business, Cargill will inject capital into companies operating in the country.

For the Nicaraguan government, the investment by Cargill will help boost economic activity and also reflect the buoyant business climate prevailing in the country.

An article in El Nuevo Diario notes, "To date the company has a presence in Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica. It began operations in Nicaragua in 2000 and has since invested $30 million. Apart from the poultry business at the local level it also has ties to areas such as animal feed, processed meat production and marketing. "

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Panama's Poultry Industry

August 2016

Panamanians are spending over $125 a year on egg and chicken meat consumption, and in the last 10 years, annual consumption went from 63 to 87 pounds.

An article on reports that "... Panama's poultry industry is one of the most efficient in the country, however, it faces new challenges which have to do with the search for new markets, coping with frequent power blackouts that decimate production and also deal with the arrival of imported products, guaranteed by Free Trade Agreements (FTA) signed by Panama. "

Arrival of Cargill Reactivates Costa Rican market

June 2011

The entry of the U.S. firm has brought new investment by competitors.

Since announcing the purchase of Pipasa by Cargill, the Costa Rican poultry market has not stopped moving.

Investment in new plants and rethinking strategies, among others, are some of the actions that companies are beginning to take to cope with expected changes in the market.

Nicaragua: Agreement Signed for Sale of Sorghum

May 2011

Poultry producers have sealed an agreement with producers of sorghum which will triple the current sale volume.

The agreement also includes an increase in the price from $3.6 per quintal, the base price from last year.

Manual Alvarez, president of the Union of Agricultural Products of Nicaragua (UPANIC) gave details to the La Prensa of, "...

Honduras: Poultry Industry and CAFTA

April 2011

President of Cargill Meats Central America speaks of the opportunities and challenges for the sector five years on from CAFTA's implementation.

The region's poultry sector has yet to meet the sanitary requirements imposed by the US and other modifications to farms and poultry processing plants, according to Bruce Burdett, president of Cargill Meats Central America in an interview with Eduardo López García for El Financiero.