Nicaragua: 2012 Property Waiver Approved

The United States Government has granted Nicaragua the so-called "property waiver".

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Expressing its concern at the deterioration of the rule of law in Nicaragua, and the 337 cases of claims by American citizens that their property had been confiscated, the United States today approved a so called property waiver, which in practice means that it will support international agencies which the Nicaraguan government seeks loans from.

An article in, reports that "The approval of the ‘property waiver ‘ was based on ‘the national interest of the United States and the efforts of the Government of Nicaragua to solve the property claims of U.S. citizens.’"

Despite granting this waiver, the United States Government expressed its "discomfort" and "concern" to Nicaragua over the deterioration of the rule of law in the country, reflected by an increasing number of cases of invasion of private land, which, in their view, is an "obstacle" to private investment.

"Worryingly, the increase in new cases of land invasions and other forms of theft of property" show "the deteriorating condition of the rule of law in Nicaragua", reads a statement from the American legation.

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Nicaragua: Legislation on Property Ownership Unified

March 2017

A new law passed by the Assembly compiles all regulations concerning foreign and local investment in real estate, in order to provide legal certainty to investors.

From a statement from the National Assembly of Nicaragua:

The National Assembly has unanimously adopted in its entirety, this March 9, the Law on Nicaraguan Legal Digest of Property Matters, which will guarantee legal certainty to Nicaraguans and foreigners wishing to invest in the country, said Deputy Edwin Castro, Vice President of the Commission of Justice and Legal Affairs.

Nicaragua According to USA: Good, but Bad

July 2016

The efforts made by the Ortega administration to attract more foreign investment were noted, but warnings were also give regarding deficiencies in the rule of law and an extensive executive control.

The report "Investment Climate Statements for 2016" prepared by the US State Department details the efforts made by Nicaragua to attract foreign investment by providing tax incentives to productive sectors such as mining and tourism, but also points out some elements that could affect the investment climate in the country, such as weak government institutions, deficiencies of law and an all-embracing control on the part of the executive branch.

Property Waiver for Nicaragua

August 2014

Although there are cases still pending, the resolution of 52 claims made by 28 Americans is the reason that the country has been granted with a Property waiver until July 2015.

The United States Embassy in Nicaragua reported that "... from July 2013 to July 2014, 52 cases related to 28 American citizens were resolved, and that despite the progress achieved, there are still 154 property claims by American citizens pending. "

U.S. 'Waiver" Makes Businesses Uneasy

March 2012

Nicaragua's government is trying to calm fears among businesses after the release of a report covering the pending property claims of U.S. citizens, without which bilateral and multilateral U.S aid may be jeopardized.

From June 2011 to date, the government has been attending to about 64 claims by U.S.