Nicaragua: $15 million for Production of Ornamental Plants

The factory will be built in Estelí, where other relevant investments are being made.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Estelí province is becoming increasing appealing to investors who are opting to establish factories and free zones there.

One example is the investment of $15 million to be made by a group of U.S. investors in a free zone for the production of ornamental plants.

An article in notes: "The free zone will be installed with the latest technology in the town of Esteli, in the coming months it will generate about 500 direct jobs and 900 during peak season, mainly in agricultural work.

The market for this product, which has been cultivated for more than three decades in 20 countries, is already established, informed investors, who added that they have $15 million to start farming in Estelí, where they hope to export 60 million cuttings annually, generating foreign currency in the order of $6 million.

Testing begins in March 2012 and then the first exports will be shipped in December of that year, said Mario Pichardo, operations manager of Las Limas ".

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January 2013

With an investment of $8 million the U.S. company Ball Flora Plant has started exports of cuttings from its production plant in Las Limas, in Estelí.

Mario Pichardo, managing director of the company, said, "This is the company’s most ambitious project. Nowadays it is believed that Las Limas is the most modern production center in the world in the production industry of ornamental plant cuttings."

Nicaragua: $15 Million in Hydroponic Project

September 2011

In the Estelí area, the U.S. company Ball Horticultural Company, has initiated development of a project called 'Las Limas'.

The project, which will take about three years to develop, involves the construction of greenhouses, a packing area, cold rooms and laboratories, among other things.

El Salvador: Ornamental Plant Exports Grow

August 2011

The company, Red Fox, an exporter of ornamental plants, has doubled its production area and quadrupled its exports in the last two years.

The company is continuing with its expansion plans and hopes in the next few years to augment its production area from 20 to 40 hectares and increase its annual export to 200 million cuttings, said the company's general manager, Simon Schulz.

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With the closing of enterprises during 2008 and so far in 2009, 20 thousand people were left unemployed.

Most of the businesses operated in free trade zones or industrial parks. Currently, of the one million square meters available in the the 27 parks and free zones, 250 thousand (25%) are unoccupied.