New Vehicle Tax in El Salvador

One of the modifications to be introduced by the fiscal reform is a new tax when registering a vehicle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The reform package includes 4 types of measures: tax, non-tax, adjustments in expenditure and complementary measures. With this new vehicle tax, authorities expect to collect $20 million a year.

"In 2008 45.988 vehicles were registered, according to data from the Transportation Ministry. From these, 22.636 where new cars while the remaining 23.352 where used vehicles", reports newspaper La Prensa Grafica, which had access to a draft version of the reform.

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Government of El Salvador Plans New Taxes

October 2012

If passed the new reform would create taxes for financial transactions, unproductive properties and newspapers. reports that Carlos Caceres, head of the Ministry of Finance stated that "The President (of the Republic) has instructed the Ministry to evaluate a proposal acceptable to him and to society, that is politically acceptable and not damaging to the productive sectors and to the poorest people. "

El Salvador: Tax Burden to 17% by 2014

March 2011

The government's goal is to have a tax burden of 17% by 2014 through economic growth and increased taxes.

Currently, the country's tax burden (percentage of revenue compared with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) is 14.1%.

Finance Minister, Carlos Caceres, acknowledged the goal may seem ambitious but it is also necessary or otherwise the country has no fiscal viability.

Mobile Telephony Tax Would be Passed on to Consumers

November 2009

The Telecommunications Union of Guatemala announced they will pass on to the consumers the proposed new tax.

The cost of each minute will increase from $0.04 (Q0.30) to $0.05 (Q0.45) and each mobile internet hour will cost $1.08 more.

Edwin Solares, president of the union, told "Each operator will have to review their business plans.

El Salvador Would Increase Taxes to Cigars and Beverages

September 2009

Within the tax reform, the Government is considering increasing taxes to alcoholic beverages and cigars.

This was communicated by Carlos Cáceres, Treasury Minister, who added that "...we are doing a review and will make a fair proposal, considering tax needs...".

Speaking on the topic, the president of brewer "La Constancia" (ILC) said that: "...