New Taxes Approved in El Salvador

As part of the tax reform promoted by the government a tax has been approved on financial transactions and changes have been made to income tax.

Friday, August 1, 2014

From a statement by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

Companies with more than $150,000 in sales a year will pay a minimum tax rate with the new tax reforms.

During the plenary session on Wednesday approval was given, with 44 votes, to amendments to the Law on Income Tax, which aims to establish a minimum payment of one percent (1%) on net assets, for companies that have more than U.S. $150,000 in sales a year, and who declare taxes lower than that percentage.

The Head of the Parliamentary Group of the FMLN, Norma Guevara, said that the reforms have been widely analyzed and that within the Committee of Treasury and Budget, various different actors in society were listened to. "We must make an effort to make the tax structure more equitable and that those who earn more pay more. The retention of 1% would ensure that a portion of the tax payable by companies, is now available and that they can comply with what is applicable under the law. There is no reason to be shocked by that. It is an act of responsibility to the poor," she said.

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Obligation to Report Suspicious Transactions

June 2016

A year after laws were approved to prevent money laundering in Panama there are still companies that have not been registered and will not be able to report suspicious transactions.

The laws passed in April 2015 extended supervision to companies which up until now have been unregulated such as those selling vehicles, and construction companies in free zones, which are required to report suspicious transactions under the new legal framework.  

El Salvador: Less Taxes on Financial Activity

June 2015

A proposal has been made to eliminate the tax on financial operations and lower from 20% to 5% income tax paid by foreign investors in the stock market.

The reform which was carried out in September 2014 on the taxes charged on transactions in the financial market has affected market activity, say industry representatives.

El Salvador: Call to Defer Tax on Financial Transactions

August 2014

The banking sector has requested a period of 6 months before starting the process of withholding tax on financial transactions as approved during a recent tax reform.

The Salvadoran Banking Association (Abansa) requested an extension of 6 months for the start date for collections of the tax on financial transactions, pushing it back to February 2015 instead of 1 September, as planned by the government.

El Salvador: Credit Cards and Construction excluded from Tax Reform

July 2014

Excluded from financial transactions which would incur tax under the fiscal reform are transactions made with credit cards and amendments will be made to the property tax which affects the construction sector.

Meeting the demands of the construction industry is one of the modifications being contemplated in the reform of the text is to adjust the amounts of the 'floor' on property taxes, "... relative to luxury properties."

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