New Rules for the Banking System

The Central Bank of Costa Rica has increased to $27 million the minimum amount of capital required by banks to operate, and to $5 million the minimum amount for financial companies.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Yesterday the Central Bank agreement which establishes the changes was published in the official newspaper, La Gaceta, The minimum operating capital for private banks increased by 5.8%, rising from $25.6 million to $27.1 million. In the case of financial companies, the increase was from $5.1 million to $5.4 million. reports that "... The increase, which is carried out each year, aims to improve the ability to face risks and give more confidence and security to the financial system, as explained by the Central Bank in the text of the agreement."

"... In the case of Banco Cathay, the new limit leaves it a little below the minimum, meaning that it will have to increase its capital. For its part, the financial company Credilat, of the Monge Group, registered a minimum capital below the current threshold in May 2018. The financial manager of Banco Cathay, Dannel Huang, said that they will carry out the adjustment requested by the supervising entity."

See La Gaceta of June 25, 2018. (In Spanish)

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Increase in Minimum Capital For Operating Finance Institutions

March 2014

The minimum amount of capital required to establish and operate a financial institution in Nicaragua has risen to $2.1 million.

The Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions agreed to raise the minimum capital required for the establishment and operation of financial institutions. The amount increased from C50 million (U.S. $1,953,071) to C$55 million (U.S. $2,148,387).

Financial Cooperatives in Costa Rica

October 2012

For the volume of assets and loan portfolios they manage, cooperatives together make up the fourth largest financial operator ivn the country.

In Costa Rica, the 30 cooperatives under the supervision of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Sugef) exceed in value the assets and loan portfolio of the "private bank BAC San José and are below the banks, Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica and Banco Popular which are funded by public capital. "

Desyfin Applies for Banking License in Costa Rica

January 2012

The financing company is registering with the regulating authority the creation of a financial group made up by the financing company, an insurance seller and a leasing company.

Silvio Lacayo, Desyfin manager, said the proceedings were initiated in 2011 with the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and they are awaiting final approval by the agency.

Honduras: Increase in Capital Requirement for Banks

June 2009

Beginning in May 2010, the minimum capital requirement for banks will increase by 40%, which is equal to over $5 million.

Resolution 633/12-05-2009, issued by the National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS), applies to banks and financial institutions.

In a article, it was reported: "The CNBS, based on the behavior of the economy and in order to maintain the real value of minimum capital in the financial system, according to the evolution of the consumer price index, will review and could update every two years the minimum amount of capital required to operate in Honduras."