New Rules for Credit Unions in El Salvador

A bill introduced in the Legislative Assembly proposes regulating cooperatives and credit associations whose savings range from $30 million to $92 million.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The bill, prepared by the Federation of Association of Savings and Credit Cooperatives of El Salvador (Fedecaces), proposes establishing a different regulation, more appropriate to the size and characteristics of these entities.

Héctor Córdoba, financial manager of Fedecaces, explained to that "... they propose that those regulated by the Law be those cooperative associations with deposits and contributions that are in excess of $30 million and up to $92.8 million. "Entities with deposits above this amount, would be regulated by the Law on Cooperative Banks."

Cordoba detailed that the proposal "...includes regulations for the 'functioning and operation' of these cooperatives and establishes legal dispositions of a financial nature aimed at their protection and promotion, facilitating their organization, expansion and financing."

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El Salvador: Unions Oppose Greater Financial Regulation

September 2016

Unions are opposed to the legal reform which aims to extend the scope of the supervision of the Superintendent of Financial System over savings and loans cooperatives.

In the view of Julio Cesar Portillo, secretary of the board of the National Commission for credit unions in El Salvador and CEO of Co-Andes de R.L.

El Salvador: Savings Cooperatives Growing

March 2014

Between 2006 and 2013 the number of agencies in the network of cooperatives in the country doubled.

Salvadoran Credit Unions have experienced a significant increase in the last year in order to expand financial services in most areas of the country.

The Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives of El Salvador (Fedecaces) announced that "growth is supported by an increase of over 20% in the portfolio of loans and deposits, after the close of 2013."

Regulation on Credit Card Interest Rates

October 2011

The Financial Committee of the Legislative Assembly in El Salvador has began to study a bill which will apply to "all financing operations related to the procurement of goods and services."

The item will be incorporated into the usury bill, that will be analyzed in Congress .

Guatemala: Credit Unions To Be Supervised

February 2011

Regulators are preparing legislation to supervise credit unions.

The new rules apply to all credit unions associated with Micoope (brand which brings together the Credit Unions Federated Cooperatives throughout Guatemala).

Lorena Alvarez from writes, "The proposal seeks to integrate financial cooperatives which provide services within the regulated system, as in most Latin American countries, said Eduardo Soto, supervisor of the regulations development department of the Superintendence of Banks (SIB).”