New Regulations for Private Security In Effect

Since September 5new regulations have been in effect in Guatemala which, among other things, establishes mandatory certification for companies by the Ministry of Interior.

Friday, September 28, 2012

On the topic of the implementation of the new regulations, the journalist Alexis conducted an interview with Rafael Donis, chief of the Directorate General of Private Security Services.

Will officials be sent to banks to order the removal of their security guards?

- We are not managing things in that way. I have requests going back ten years from banks in the system to authorize their own security forces. They managed them, but nobody approved this because it was not contemplated in any law.

What should banks do?

- They have two options: Either set up their security personnel as a limited company (SA or “Sociedad Anonima”) separate from the bank so that they can initiate the process of applying for a license to operate as a security company, or transfer their guards to another security company that is incorporated and authorized. Or a combination of the two.

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Spaniards Buy Securities Transport Company

June 2018

Prosegur Cash has announced an agreement with Grupo Alamo to acquire its operations in Central America in the activity of transportation of securities, operated under the brands Proval and Transval.

From a statement issued by Prosegur: 

Managua, June 11, 2018. Prosegur Cash has reached an agreement with Grupo Almo for the acquisition of its securities transportation operations in Central America where it operates under the brands Proval and Transval. With this operation, Prosegur Cash will expand its activities to the markets of Guatemala, once it has obtained authorization from the regulator of Private Security Services, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica, in which until now it had no presence. Proval and Transval have outstanding leadership and more than 35 years experience in the region. The activities of Proval and Transval in the latest tax year available represented a turnover of close to 40 million US dollars.

Private Security Act Suspended for 6 Months

March 2013

Faced with protests by stakeholders, the Panamanian Congress has formally approved postponing the law regulating private security services.

From a press release issued by the National Assembly of Panama:

The full National Assembly approved on its third reading bill No.576, extending the suspension of the enforcement of Law 56 of 2011, which regulates private security services and other provisions.

New Regulation for Security Companies in Guatemala

August 2012

Starting in September, a new regulation will take effect which among other thing, establishes mandatory certification of the company by the Ministry of Interior.

Companies that do not have such certification may be charged with unlawful delivery of service, with a punishment of between 6 and 12 years in prison and a fine of Q100 thousand ($12,652 at current exchange rates).

Guatemala: New Rules for Security Firms

November 2010

The new law establishes requirements for recruitment and requires companies to provide employee benefits.

It creates the General Department of Private Security Services under the Ministry of Interior, who will be responsible for overseeing the companies. details the contents of the new law: