New President in Guatemala

With the resignation of Pérez Molina and Alejandro Maldonado sworn in as president, the institutional crisis should moderate in its intensity.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

From a statement by AmCham Guatemala:

After several months of political uncertainty in Guatemala it has been demonstrated that nobody is above the law and that the country's institutions are able to perform their job.

It is time to recognize that in Guatemala there has been a strengthening of the rule of law and a process of change that has had a national audience.

We urge the new Constitutional President, Mr. Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre to make a call for national unity and the restoration of calm and to prioritize country's image.

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Congress lifts Perez Molina's Immunity

August 2015

With 132 votes in favor, the Congress decided to remove the president's immunity, who will have to face the accusations of corruption.

While the president insists on staying in office, the commission appointed to examine the arguments in President Perez Molina's defense and evidence presented by the prosecution decided unanimously to recommend to Congress to waive his immunity so that he faces judgement.

Guatemala: Institutional Crisis and Business

August 2015

The appointment as Minister of Economy and Competitiveness Commissioner of people linked to the telecommunications sector has created strong suspicions, and comes at a time when a $250 million deal is on the table.

An article in reports that "... the appointment of Ricardo Sagastume and Acisclo Valladares Urruela as Minister of Economy and Presidential Commissioner for Competitiveness, respectively, in a government that is drowning under the weight of allegations of corruption, has generated doubts and suspicions. When everyone else is leaving the ship, they are getting ready to get onboard. With a lack of coherent explanations from the Presidency and the new officials themselves, everything points to Tigo, the telephone company from which both of them come from, and a multi million dollar business deal in its favor as a result of the troubled waters in which the country finds itself. "

CACIF Asks President of Guatemala to Resign

August 2015

The Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations is asking him to leave office and be accountable, preventing unnecessary institutional expense for the country.

From a statement issued by the CACIF:

The undersigned organizations, members GUATEMALA FORUM, wish to express to Otto Perez Molina :

Institutional Crisis in Guatemala

April 2015

The dismantling of a network of corruption at the highest level in the Superintendency of Tax Administration has forced an analysis of the stability of the government of Otto Perez Molina.

Calderon raises three possible scenarios:

"...First scenario: precarious balance, which means continuing the current pace of deterioration in the political system and levels of governance, and at the same time assuming an increased fragmentation of the government bloc.