New Module for Container Inspection

In Guatemala, since March 19, APM Terminals Quetzal enabled the x-ray module for the inspection of containers that are used for exports and imports at the maritime terminal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The maritime terminal made more than $7 million investment for the implementation of the non-intrusive inspection module for cargo transported at the terminal.

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This is not the first X-ray container inspection system, as non-intrusive systems were enabled in 2020 at Empresa Portuaria Nacional Santo Tomas de Castilla and Empresa Portuaria Quetzal, as well as the Combex-IM air terminal.

Gabriel Corrales, general manager of APM Terminals Quetzal, told that "... we are complying with an obligation required by the customs authority in Guatemala with the implementation of X-rays to inspect 100% of the containers to guarantee the fight against customs fraud and the fight against drug trafficking with this modern equipment that allows traceability, registration and transparency."

Werner Ovalle, Customs Superintendent of the Superintendencia de Administracion Tributaria (SAT), explained that "... with these technological instruments there will be better control at the terminal, certainty in the handling of information on the cargo being transported, as well as the inventory of containers."

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Pineapple: Container Inspection Intensified

February 2021

In order to prevent drug trafficking, as of February 8, Costa Rica's General Directorate of Customs defined that all containers carrying fresh, organic pineapple and by-products of this fruit will be scanned by the Port Operator APM Terminals Moín.

Dried and frozen pineapple, canned preserves, compotes, jellies, jams, pineapple puree or paste, juices, concentrates and pasteurized products are the sub products that will also be subject to these revisions.

Puerto Quetzal Checks Containers with X-Ray

December 2020

As of December 15, the X-ray module began operating in the Guatemalan maritime terminal, which will serve to inspect, in a non-intrusive manner, the contents of the containers that are used to import and export goods.

The regulations that will apply for these non-intrusive verifications were published in the Diario de Centro America.

New Container Inspection System

September 2019

Costa Rican authorities announced they plan to implement a Non-Intrusive Inspection System for the inspection of containers, which will be held on September 30 with companies interested in developing it.

This system will consist of a remote inspection center (CIR), scanners, cameras reading plates and container numbers, scales, system of anticipated risk and radio frequency antennas (RFID), informed the Ministry of Finance in a statement.From the Ministry of Finance statement:

Guatemala: "Blue Channel" for Expedited Customs Clearance

June 2016

Within three to four months the SAT plans to start implementing a selective "blue" process, which involves clearing containers so that they only go through one documentary process or warehousing goods inspection.

The measure aims to streamline the inspection process, free up space in ports and reduce waiting times, explained Werrner Ovalle, intendent of Customs.