New Government, New Opportunity

In Costa Rica, the brand-new Alvarado administration faces the challenge of solving complex problems such as the growing fiscal deficit, deteriorated infrastructure and high production costs which are affecting the competitiveness of companies.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Costa Rican - North American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) shared criteria of " ... the ten issues which they believe should be given priority during the first 100 days of government. "

From a press release issued by the AmCham:

San José, May 8, 2018. Taking advantage of the start of the new Administration, the Costa Rican - North American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) wishes to share the criteria of its membership with respect to the ten topics which they believe should be given priority during the first 100 days of government.  

In the view of Elías Soley, president of AmCham, it is of the utmost importance that the new authorities have the possibility of having clear and truthful information when making decisions. Consequently, it was decided to carry out this study among the members of AmCham, so that their needs could be identified and transmitted, thereby contributing a valuable input towards identifying solutions that will allow us to overcome the critical situation in which the country finds itself in.  

Read full release (in Spanish).

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