New Food Labeling Rules in Europe

As of December 13 all processed and packaged food and beverages to be sold in the European Union must include detailed nutritional information.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

From a statement issued by PROCOMER:

In 2014 in the European Union, the European Regulation on Information and Food Labelling (Regulation 1169/2011) came into force. The standard improves labeling on all products in order to provide useful, readable and understandable information to consumers.

Since December 2014, the legislation requires companies to include on the labels of their products clear information about whether the food contains one of the 14 most common allergens. It is also mandatory to report the type of oil used, it is not enough to say vegetable oil, but rather the exact type must be specified, i.e. olive, sunflower, palm, etc.

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Food Labeling Rules Come into Force in Chile

July 2018

Starting June 2018 packaged products sold in the South American country must have a label warning about the high contents of sugars, sodium, saturated fats and calories.

The so-called "Law No.

Change in Food Labeling Rules in Chile

May 2016

As of June 27, 2016 packaged products must have a label warning about the high levels of sugar, sodium, saturated fat and calories.

The new regulation also states that if the content of sugars, sodium, saturated fat and calories exceed the limits established by the new legislation, producers must label the container with a black symbol with white letters.

Changes in Food Labeling in the US

May 2016

The legislation takes effect in July 2018 for food companies with sales of over $10 million a year and a year later for companies with sales of less below that amount.

Most food manufacturers will have to use the new label by July 26, 2018, but those whose food sales are less than $10 million per year will have an additional year to comply with the requirement.

Changes to Food Labels in Canada

July 2015

The Government of Canada has submitted a proposal to amend the nutrition information included in the labels of foods marketed in the country.

From a statement issued by the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Office :

The Government of Canada introduced on June 12, 2015 its proposals for modifying food labels and nutrition facts tables, with the aim of providing Canadians with a clear idea of ​​what they consume.