New Food Labeling Rules in Chile

The new rules include packaged foods with high levels of nutrients considered critical such as salt, sugar, saturated fat and calories.

Friday, April 12, 2013

From an article by the Costa Rican Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER):

The undersecretary of Public Health in Chile, Jorge Diaz, has unveiled the new rules in the law on food labeling. The document sets out how warnings should be placed on packaged foods with high levels of nutrients considered critical, such as salt, sugar, saturated fat and calories, the rules of which will be subject to public consultation on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The health authority, along with the director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology at the University of Chile (INTA), Magdalena Araya, presented examples of food containers with the proposal to be submitted to scrutiny, which includes an octagon symbol with the labels high salt, high-calorie, high-sugar or high in saturated fat, as appropriate.

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Change in Food Labeling Rules in Chile

May 2016

As of June 27, 2016 packaged products must have a label warning about the high levels of sugar, sodium, saturated fat and calories.

The new regulation also states that if the content of sugars, sodium, saturated fat and calories exceed the limits established by the new legislation, producers must label the container with a black symbol with white letters.

Food Labeling Rules in Chile

January 2014

Packaged foods that are exported to the South American country must indicate levels of sugar, salt and fat.

The advertising of packaged foods containing high levels of sugar, salt or fat must contain the message "Eating healthy and exercising is good for your health." The new regulation applies to products manufactured in Chile and imported ones.

New Labeling Rules for Food in Mexico and Ecuador

January 2014

Nutritional labels on food exported to Mexico detailing sugar, fat and salt on exports to Ecuador are part of the changes.

The Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua (APEN) confirmed that from this and next year Mexico and Ecuador will implement new labeling rules for foods and beverages. Exporters will have to take into account those rules if they want to place their products in those markets.

UK Approves Color Coded Food Labels

June 2013

The new labels will be red, yellow and green, highlighting the percentages of fat, saturated fat, salt, sugar and energy in food products.

From an article by the Costa Rican Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER):

The new front facing labeling system which aims to help consumers verify the healthy attributes of food products, is being introduced in all supermarkets in the UK.