New Flu Outbreak on Mexican Farms

The National Health Service has reported that a total of 480,000 poultry animals were killed on Wednesday in 12 farms in the state of Guanajuato.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A press release of the National Health, Safety and Quality Service (SENASICA) reads:

The National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality (SENASICA) reports that according to the operative carried out in order to contain an outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, AH7N3, in four municipalities of Guanajuato, up to February 19 789,500 have been vaccinated birds and a total of 480,000 slaughtered in the twelve affected farms.

Technicians assigned to this arduous task, have collected 2,543 samples in 22 production units and will continue the work of diagnosis and epidemiological surveillance in the region.

SENASICA announced that will maintain the distribution and administration of vaccines to birds in the surrounding area which do not have the virus in order to prevent spread of the disease.

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Guatemala: Concern about Bird Flu in Mexico

May 2013

The concern in the poultry sector is because the virus can be transmitted by contaminated smuggled eggs and by migratory birds and bird feces.

"The risk of the virus entering the country is high, due to poultry products entering illegally, therefore we are are demanding more border controls," said Marco Vinicio Solórzano, president of the Association of Egg Producers of Guatemala (APHG).

Egg Smuggling Brings Bird Flu Threat

March 2013

The National Association of Poultry Farmers in Guatemala states that avian influenza detected in Mexico could spread to the country due to the high volume of egg smuggling.

From an article in

In Guanajuato, Mexico, there have been outbreaks of avian influenza and poultry production is at risk due to the smuggling of eggs from this country.

Chickens and Eggs Will Be Scarce in Mexico

March 2013

Because of the bird flu outbreaks detected, two million 2,025,500 broilers were killed in Jalisco, while in Guanajuato 1.2 million chickens were sacrificed.

From a press release issued by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) of Mexico:

Alert in Guatemala over Bird Flu in Mexico

July 2012

Preventive measures are being taken in light of an outbreak of the H7N3 virus in the Mexican state of Jalisco, which has led to the slaughter of about 900,000 birds.

Faced with the threat of the virus, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (Maga) has increased controls in border areas with Mexico, said the Deputy Minister Sebastian Marcucci.