New Courier Company Coming to Costa Rica

The company founded on Colombian capital, Servientrega, announced its entry into the Costa Rican market in 2013, as part of its expansion plans.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Luz Mary Guerrero, president of the company said to the Colombian newspaper Portfolio that entry into Costa Rica is part of its expansion plans which include opening offices in Canada and Spain. quoted Luz Mary Guerrero who said, "We are doing this first with the shipping operations, which is the area where we are strongest, for example at the level of the Andean region ... We are well advanced in these countries, the truth is that Servientrega’s business model is well consolidated and we are doing well. "

In the Costa Rican market the company will compete with Correos de Costa Rica, JetBox, UPS, DHL, Mudanzas Mundiales y Liberty Express.

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Logistics: Investments in Costa Rica

March 2021

Segex, a logistics company that operates in Costa Rica's Coyol Free Zone, invested $10 million to build new infrastructure and equip its facilities.

The Costa Rican company has invested to double its production capacity in order to offer integrated logistics services to important companies in the life sciences industry within the Coyol Free Zone.

Courier Business Growing in Costa Rica

July 2017

The parcel forwarding companies JetBox, Box Correos and Aeropost reported increases of between 12% and 35% in the number of packages shipped in the last three years.

The boom in Internet shopping has led leading delivery companies to open new delivery points and invest in technology in order to improve the service for end-users.

Courier Services in Costa Rica

July 2014

Increasing competition has forced five major companies sharing the market to diversify their services beyond simple forwarding of packages.

From online shopping and home delivery to options to pay utility bills; these are part of the services for which several companies are in the industry are counting on to maintain competitiveness against their peers in the market of courier services in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican Couriers

July 2012

In 2006 the state run company Correos de Costa Rica was dying, but an aggressive policy of diversification of services has made it the main competitor in the courier market today.

For the month of August Correos de Costa Rica announced the launch of Box Correos, in direct competition with the specialized companies Aerocasillas, JetBox, DHL, Speed Box and E-Package Express.