New Cable Operators in Panama

9 companies are currently installing coaxial and fiber optic networks to provide their services in the country.

Monday, November 30, 2009

According to data from public services authority ASEP, these enterprises are: Compañía de Comunicaciones, Corporación de Frecuencias, Technical Information Group, Very-Cable, Panama Telecom, Hi-Tech Cable Panama, Mocatel Tecnology, International Contact Center and Advanced Communication Network.

"Most of them seek to grab market share both in Panama City as in the rest of the country, where cable had long been considered a 'luxury service', but this situation has been changing with the country's economic growth and communications development", reports

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Cable TV Market in Panama

January 2015

More choice and diversity in programming characterize a market where, of the 15 licenses granted, eight are in operation three are 'Preparing for Entry' and four have stopped operating.

According to statistics from the National Institute of Statistics and Census of the Comptroller General of the Republic, there are currently 919,000 TV users, of which 46% watch cable TV, ie there are 423,000 households with cable TV service.

Panama: Cable Onda acquires Advanced

November 2010

Cable Onda acquired 100% of Advanced operations following an agreement between the shareholders of both institutions.

Following this transaction, Cable Onda increases its market share in business telephone, internet and cable TV in both residential and corporate and SME.

Panama: $2.2 Billion in Broadband and Paid TV

June 2010

A report by Signals Telecom Consulting indicates that in 2015, Panamanian telecoms will sell $2.2 billion in broadband and paid TV services.

According to the study, the broadband competition currently revolves around providing higher access speeds.

“Cable & Wireless and Cable Onda are the largest competitors in fixed services.

Competition in Cable TV

June 2009

In El Salvador, the providers of cable TV, Sky, Claro TV, and Amnet/Tigo, are waging a tough battle to obtain clients.

The weapon utilized in this war is the aggressive promotion of new services and programming packages intensely marketed via different types of media.