New Attempt to Integrate Stock Markets

Using a web platform with key information from all of the markets in the region and the Dominican Republic, Central American stock exchanges propose reviving the plan to create a truly integrated regional market.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Once again authorities at stock exchanges in Central American countries and the Dominican Republic have put back on the table the plan to integrate the stock markets in each each country into a single regional one. The only difference with regard to the attempts that have been made previously is that there is now the experience of integration of the Salvadoran and Panamanian exchanges, which has been operational since May of last year.

The plan now consists of starting with "... implementation of a web information platform that provides access to key information on all of the markets in the region, including the most noteworthy instruments in each country, recent placements, open programs and issuers of potential interest for investors." reports that "... The general manager of the Nicaraguan Stock Exchange, Gerardo Argüello, spoke about the future steps that Stock Exchanges in Central America and the Dominican Republic (Bolcen) will take, with a view to increasing the number of issues and securities available to investors and increasing sources of financing in order to achieve greater economy of scale at lower costs per transaction."

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