New 10 MW Solar Power Plant

AES and Corporación Multi Inversiones inaugurated a 10 megawatt solar power plant in Guazapa, El Salvador.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The plant was inaugurated on 29 October and forms part of the Bosphorus project, which consists of the commissioning of 10 power generation parks of 10 MW each.

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The energy park in Guazapa is the last of the 10 that were projected, so the power plants together have an installed capacity of 100 MW of clean energy, which is transferred to the network managed by AES Soluciones.

Bernerd Da Santos, executive vice president of AES Corporation, told that "... Rather than contributing to the quality of the sites where the plant is located, with a more reliable service and cheaper prices, what 'is sought is the replacement of fossil fuels that are much more expensive than renewable energy."

Da Santos added that "... Bosphorus brings to El Salvador lower generation costs, renewable energy, a substitution and contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions, and brings reliability to localities, of which it has been made to measure in the distribution of energy."

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November 2018

In El Salvador, twelve renewable energy generation projects with a total capacity of 23 MW are preparing to start operations between 2018 and 2020.

The National Energy Council (CNE) reported that the dozen energy generation projects, which will begin operations in the period between 2018, 2019 and 2020, will have the capacity to supply electricity to 771.350 households in the country.

Insecurity and Conflict Discourage Investments

October 2018

Lack of legal certainty, electricity theft and social conflicts are forcing businessmen in Guatemala's energy sector to choose to relocate their investments to El Salvador.

Last year, the companies Applied Energy Services (AES) and Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), both US and Guatemalan capital, decided to invest $47 million in solar energy projects, encouraged by the facilities offered to the energy sector in El Salvador.

Renewable Energy: New 100 MW Solar Plant

May 2018

The plant that AES El Salvador has inaugurated in La Union, required a $160 million investment, and has 44 thousand polycrystalline-type photovoltaic modules, in an area of ​​149 sqm.

Pasaquina is the first of ten solar power generation plants that AES El Salvador and Corporación Multi Inversiones plan to build in the three phases of the project.  It is expected that the plants will start operations gradually over the next two years.

$160 million Investment in Solar Energy

September 2017

AES El Salvador and Corporación Multi Inversiones have announced an investment plan that includes the construction of ten solar plants with capacity to generate 10 MW each in different areas around the country.

The solar power generation project will be operated by AES El Salvador, and is expected to be developed in three phases, according to the two companies involved in the initiative.