Navtar Starts Operations in Costa Rica

With an investment of $4 million, the U.S. medical device supplier will open its first plant in Latin America and its fifth worldwide.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Navtar, a division of the corporation Tekni-Plex, Inc., is to locate the new plant in Zone Z in Cartago, the space will measure 1000 square meters, with the possibility of expanding its size to 3,700 square meters next year.

"Navtar Costa Rica will manufacture plastic tubes made using an extrusion processes to supply medical device companies already established in the country as well as for export to other customers around the world," noted an article in

"Costa Rica is a growing market for the manufacture of medical devices and Natvar wants to be here to attend to current and future needs. The opening of our new plant in Costa Rica will reduce costs in the supply chain. This message has been received positively by our customers," said Bob Donohue, general manager of the company for the U.S. and Costa Rica.

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New Medical Device Plant in Costa Rica

November 2012

Volcano Corporation, a manufacturer of precision medical devices, has opened its first manufacturing plant outside the U.S., with an investment of $40 million.

A statement by Volcano reads:

Volcano inaugurates in Costa Rica its first manufacturing plant outside the United States

New Medical Device Company

April 2012

Okay Industries has opened its 1,400 square meter plant in Costa Rica, investing over $1.5 million.

This specialist provider will be devoted to the manufacture of high precision metal components for the medical industry, such as:
- parts of surgical instruments.
- assembly line components for medical products.

Another Medical device Company in Costa Rica

February 2011

With a $ 4 million investment, Helix Medical is building its manufacturing plant to start operations in the first half of 2011.

Helix Medical, LLC, began construction of its new manufacturing plant in Coyol in Alajuela. The company will invest more than $ 4 million and employ over 100 people. Helix Medical anticipates the start of its operations for the first half of 2012.

Medical Devices Company to Open Shop in Costa Rica

June 2010

Ninitol Devices and Components, also known as NDC, will invest $3.5 million to establish a manufacturing facility in the country.

The plant will initially employ 30 people, and will manufacture guiding wires for medical appliances, which combines technological specialization with the company’s expertise in nitinol.