Natural Gas: 300 MW Plant Under Construction

In Nicaragua, the company New Fortress Energy announced that it has already started with the construction works of a natural gas plant, which will have an energy generation capacity of 300 MW and will be located near Puerto Sandino, department of León.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Executives of the North American company stated that the project has begun its decisive phase and according to the schedule, it is expected that between May and June the generating plant will begin operations.

You may be interested in "$1.35 Billion in Energy Investments" reports that according to Winnie Irizarry, director of the project, they are now "... in the final stage of the permitting process, the demolition work has already begun for the construction of what will be the natural gas import port, and soon the turbines, storage tanks, all the electrical and mechanical equipment will be arriving in Nicaragua. The work on the plant will begin next week, all the civil works."

Izarry added that "... This will be a fast construction project, the equipment is the biggest investment, $160 million will be invested in the turbines exclusively, the ships and gas tanks are expensive equipment, the turbines are already ready to be sent to Nicaragua, I hope that in two months they will be in Puerto Corinto. This will be the second plant of this type in Central America, as there is another one in Panama".

The company's plan is to supply electricity to the local grid and export the surplus to other Central American countries.

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In Nicaragua, the company New Fortress Energy, with US capital, plans to build a plant that will generate 300 MW of clean energy, using less polluting technology.

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The 380 MW natural gas plant to be built by AES in Panama promises to change the country's energy matrix, and the way energy is generated and distributed in Central America.

The economic flow that has already started with the construction of the gas plant in the province of Colon will be felt not only in the energy sector in Panama, which could become an energy generating and distribution hub in the region, but also in other productive sectors that will benefit from greater stability in energy costs and generate greater dynamism in logistics and shipping.

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Work has begun on a new park in the Isthmus of Rivas, a $160 million project which will generate 44 MW.

The project belongs to the company Eolo of Nicaragua, who have invested $160,536,670 according to records at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA).

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The company is working on updating its environmental permits in order to build the plant that will generate energy from natural gas.

The power station will have capacity to generate 550 MW and require an investment of $970 million.

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