National Bank of Costa Rica to offer leasing

It will be the first state bank to offer this service, which consists of renting an asset (machinery, computer equipment or vehicle) to a company or person for a set time at a set price.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This will be possible because of the Banking System Law for Development that was approved in November, allowing public banks to carry out financial and operational leasing.

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Guatemala: Endorsement of Financial Leasing Regulation

February 2021

The Congress approved by articles and final wording the Leasing Law, a legal framework that establishes mechanisms for people to lease with option to purchase.

With 101 votes in favor, the Plenary of the Congress of the Republic approved Decree 2-2021, Leasing Law, which regulates leasing with option to purchase in the Guatemalan legislation, informed the legislative body.

Housing Through Leasing and Securitization

July 2017

In Guatemala a proposal has been made to apply mechanisms such as leasing and securitization to facilitate house buying.

From articles published on
"With the goal of providing Guatemalans with access to a decent home, national and international experts in the development of housing and infrastructure tools this morning proposed housing leasing and securitization. During the event,  a presentation was given on the functioning of housing leasing, a mechanism which would provided an opportunity for access to housing for those people who do not have a down payment to buy their first home."

BNCR Acquires 13,000 Payment Terminals

August 2010

Costa Rica's Banco Nacional has ordered more than 13,000 point of sale (POS) fixed and mobile terminals from Hypercom Corporation.

According to Hypercom, the multimillion dollar transaction will be rolled out over four years with countertop and mobile plastic card payment terminals supplied by one of the company's authorized distributors, Evertec Latin America.

Better than Buying, Rent

June 2009

Leasing is growing as an ideal financial instrument to dispossess of assets while incurring lower costs and obtaining financial benefits.

In El Salvador, the usage of this mechanism has increased since 2002 when the Financial Leasing Law, which set clear leasing rules, was approved.