NO to Renegotiating Tariffs in Pacific Agreement

The Costa Rican Chamber of the Food Industry states that it would be unacceptable to change the treatment given to the products in existing bilateral treaties.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From a statement issued by the Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industries (CACIA):

Country should not rush to deprotection of product by joining the Pacific Alliance

- CACIA participating this week in sectoral meetings convened by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, in order to assess conditions applicable to Costa Rica in this group.
- Sector describes as unacceptable the scenario of renegotiating tariffs already agreed in bilateral treaties.

November 2014. The Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industries (CACIA) maintains its position that the country should not hasten its entry into the Pacific Alliance, especially if it means a renegotiation of the tariff concessions already agreed with the four countries in their bilateral treaties.

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Costa Rica: Agro Against Pacific Alliance

April 2015

While the government makes further assessments over joining the bloc, the agribusiness sectors is emphasizing the negative consequences of any renegotiation over tariffs.

Representatives from the agricultural sector argue that the country's entry into the Pacific Alliance will mean "...

Costa Rica: Entry Into Pacific Alliance Under Consultation

October 2014

With opposition from agro-industry, the government has initiated the processes required to join the trade bloc, including a consultation period, which runs until the end of the year.

Entry into the block requires a greater commercial opening than that established in free trade treaties negotiated between Costa Rica and member countries, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, which is why productive sectors such as agriculture and industry oppose it.

Costa Rica: Pacific Alliance Divides Entrepreneurs

March 2014

The retail sector is looking favorably on accession to the bloc, but the agricultural and food industries are opposed to it.

The lack of information about how membership has been negotiated and sensitivities presented by some sectors and products in comparison to their peers in the Pacific Alliance are part of the arguments used by agriculture and industry to oppose, at least under the current conditions, the incorporation of Costa Rica into the Alliance.

Food Sector in Costa Rica: NO to Pacific Alliance

January 2014

The Costa Rican food industry claims that with the zero tariff pretended by the Alliance members it will be impossible to compete.

The food sector in Costa Rica has expressed its concern that reducing tariffs down to 0% for those countries will seriously affect them.

"Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico want the trade between all nations to be under a zero percent tariff and we will never support this.