NAKIVO Enables Near-Instant VM Disaster Recovery for a Leading Canadian Distributor

Bartle & Gibson - Western Canada’s premier plumbing, heating, and electrical distributor - now uses NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect their VMware VMs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NAKIVO Inc., the fastest-growing virtualization and cloud backup software company for VMware environments, today announced that Bartle & Gibson has selected NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect their VMware environment.

Now Western Canada’s premier plumbing, heating, and electrical distributor, Bartle & Gibson was founded by two Canadian businessmen who wanted to focus on relationships with customers and suppliers. In 1944 Charlie Bartle of Victoria, BC, and Cecil Gibson of Vancouver, BC, each started a store in their respective city, and Bartle & Gibson opened its doors for the first time. 1951 marked the company's first expansion, with a branch opening in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the next 20 years Charlie and Cecil would see their business expand to cover most of Western Canada, including Calgary, Yellowknife, and Surrey.

Today Bartle & Gibson consists of 31 branches spread throughout Western Canada, which are supplied by 3 main distribution points. Their continued growth and expansion is due in no small part to their dedication to provide exceptional service to all clients, suppliers, and employees. Bartle & Gibson continues to be the privately owned, 100% Canadian organization that customers have come to trust since 1944. Visit for more information.
The IT infrastructure at Bartle & Gibson is fully virtualized. "About a half of our VMs are virtual desktops that we access using Sunray terminals – for areas too dusty or otherwise hazardous for PCs," says Jonathan Bowerman, IT Specialist at Bartle & Gibson. "The other half are critical business servers, such as our mail and internal message servers, our payroll server, our document management server, and so on".

In terms of data protection, Bartle & Gibson requires both operational recovery and disaster recovery for their VMware VMs: "We needed to have both an offline backup and a standby replica for our critical servers since users can't wait for hours for the mail server to recover and we also needed a way to recover from a catastrophic VM host loss," says Jonathan.

Bartle & Gibson’s previous VM data protection solution worked … in theory. "In actuality it barely worked," says Jonathan. "It was slow, error prone, picky, and unreliable. We had to find a replacement that wouldn’t take away our time and enable us to restore IT services quickly."

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