More Space for Aircraft Maintenance

The construction of the new Aeroman hangar in El Salvador is going according to schedule, therefore in September 20 thousand square meters will be added costing $55 million.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The hangar under construction will be the company's fifth, and it is expected that in September it will be avialable for use for aircraft maintenance.

Ernesto Ruiz, president of the board of Aeroman, told that "... The work is on time in accordance with what was originally estimated. The hangar, under construction, which should be ready in early August, must still go through a certification process which takes a few weeks. '"

"... The works also include the construction of the taxiway, platforms and equipment of the hangar. The expansion will enable Aeroman to increase in installed capacity by 65%, and go from 12 to 20 production lines (aircraft parked on the apron). "

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Investment in Aeronautical Maintenance

April 2018

Aeroman has announced that it will be investing $45 million in the construction of the sixth aircraft maintenance and repair hangar at the Monseñor Romero airport in El Salvador.

Authorities at Aeroman said that the hangar, which will be located on the west side of the air terminal, will be larger than hangar 5, inaugurated in 2015, and will have capacity to accommodate larger aircraft.

Expansion of Aircraft Maintenance in El Salvador

July 2016

Aeroman has announced that together with the CEPA it is preparing for the construction of a sixth aircraft maintenance hangar at the airport of Comalapa.

The construction of a new hangar will constitute the "... second stage of Aeroman's investment, as part of what was agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of El Salvador and Aeroman in September 2014."

Aeronautical Workshops in Costa Rica

December 2011

The hangar used by Servicios Aeroindustriales will relocate from its current position to make room for the terminal expansion at Juan Santamaria International Airport.

After 15 years of discussions, the government of Costa Rica and Self-Management Cooperative Aeroindustriales Services (Coopesa) have reached a final agreement for the relocation of the hangar where aircraft maintenance services are provided, which until now has sat on the north side of the passenger terminal at the international Airport, preventing the necessary expansion of the Juan Santamaría.

Aeroman Puts Conditions to Invest More in El Salvador

June 2010

To invest more in the Salvadoran aircraft maintenance industry, the company requires better airport infrastructure.

Aeroman is a company that provides aircraft maintenance services in El Salvador. It is preparing to invest $20 million in its eight operation line, but this initiative requires that authorities improve roads and infrastructure at and around the main airport of the country.