Movistar and Ericsson: Alliance for Central America

The companies announced that they will attack together some segments of the Central American market.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

According to Ericsson's Phone Account manager, Mats Malmstrom, the company "expects an expansion of its Central and Latin American portfolio in 2009, in association with corporations such as Movistar, and offering solutions to users of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) ".

The Swedish telecommunications equipment maker Ericcson plans to enter the Central American broadband Internet television market...

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Business Plans of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

January 2011

ICE plans to join forces with a telecom in order to compete locally and in other countries of the region.

Eduardo Doryan , President of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, and Orlando Cascante, director of International Affairs, confirmed that the company, whom in the past had the monopoly of communications in Costa Rica, is looking for a partner with expertise in telecommunications to create an alliance that can compete effectively in the now open local market, and to initiate a process of internationalization by providing services in Central America.

Epson Unifies Regional Operations in Costa Rica

February 2010

On April, Costa Rica will become Epson’s center of operations for the entire region.

Agustín Chacón, sales and operations vice president at Epson, commented they will hire additional staff for the sales department, in order to have presence in all the countries of the region.

Costa Rica: Software Development for the US

April 2009

The Costa Rican Isthmus company signed an alliance with Plug and Play Tech Center, a North American company from Silicon Valley.

The alliance with Plug and Play Tech Center, an incubator of technology companies in United States, will allow Isthums to offer its software development services to the three Plug and Play Tech Center technological complexes in Silicon Valley, where 220 technology businesses operate.

Spain's Indra boosts presence in Panama

May 2008

The Spanish information technology company Indra is reinforcing its presence in the region by establishing new offices in Panama as a base of operations for Central America and the Caribbean.

At present Indra has a presence in transport, energy, finance, security and public administration.