Morocco to Open Embassy in Guatemala

The diplomatic mission will be concurrently accredited to Central America, and the announced purpose is the narrowing of trade and diplomatic relations with the region.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A statement on reads:

The secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, Youssef Amrani, announced that for the first time this country will establish an embassy in Guatemala, due to the geographical and strategic position that is our nation.

The news was made public after a meeting held with President Amrani and Otto Perez Molina in the Presidential House. "This is a message from Morocco to Guatemala, this is how they may attend the Central American region," said Amrani.

The Guatemalan and Moroccan presidents also discussed and agreed to submit potential topics such as non-permanent members to the Security Council on the United Nations Organization (UNO).

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Through the new diplomatic headquarters in Beijing, the Salvadoran government aims to deepen relations with the Asian giant.

The opening of the Salvadoran government's embassy in China will help to further strengthen the relationship of friendship, trade and cooperation between the two nations, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador.

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