More Time to Comply with Environmental Permits

In Guatemala, the government has extended until January 3, 2020, the timeframe for regularizing projects, works, industries or activities that do not have an environmental impact study.

Friday, July 13, 2018

n dir="ltr">Through agreement 137-2016, the government gave a period of two years for the environmental regularization of the different industries to take place, this period expired on July 11 of this year. 

See also "Environmental permits: More agile procedures promised"

However, the authorities changed the compliance deadlines through the approval of agreement 121-2018, which establishes that companies must go to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) to regularize their status of environmental licenses and tools such as the EIA. reports that a statement issued by the MARN explains that " ... the purpose of the extension is 'to encourage compliance with environmental regulations, in addition to having sectoral information that enables us to generate adequate indicators in terms of the environment and natural resources'."

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The Eternal Problem of Environmental Procedures

August 2018

Entrepreneurs in Honduras are demanding that procedures for the issuance of environmental licenses be simplified, a process which can take up to two years.

According to the affected sector, one of the causes of delays in the delivery of environmental licenses, which are needed for some projects to start, is the lack of technicians at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MiAmbiente).

Environmental Permits: More Agile Procedures Promised

May 2018

In Guatemala, it has been announced that by the end of the year a digital platform will be implemented that will have the capacity to inform, in minutes, whether an environmental impact study is feasible or not.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources plans to expedite the reception and approval of environmental licenses, and for this it is preparing a digital platform that will respond to users about the feasibility or not of their applications. 

Guatemala: Environmental Permits Streamlined

November 2015

A proposal has been made to amend the regulations for environmental control so the SMEs can submit affidavits instead of environmental impact studies when applying for environmental permits.

The proposal by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources aims to simplify the processes to be followed when requesting authorization of environmental permits for the development of construction projects.

El Salvador: Decentralization of Environmental Licenses

August 2015

In the departments of La Paz and San Vicente procedures will be made through a local office, without having to go to the headquarters of the authority for the environment.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN):

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) in coordination with the Association of Municipalities Los Nonualcos, has set up a one-stop shop that will streamline procedures related to the environmental assessment process.