More Costa Rican Investment in Nicaragua

Investments by Costa Rican companies in their neighboring country went from $2.43 million in 2010 to $67.7 million in 2013.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Installation of production facilities, maquila subcontracts or transfer of part of the production process are part of the investment models that Costa Rican businessmen are utilizing in order to minimize the negative effects of the high production costs prevalent in Costa Rica and to stay competitive at the level international.

Access to better prices, for raw materials, labor costs, energy and cheaper production in general than in Costa Ricans is driving the decisions of these businesses. Andrés Pozuelo, Chairman of the Board Alimentos Jack’s Interamericana, a firm which contracts maquila in Nicaragua, "... said that not only price of labor is assessed when deciding to move to another country. It is also to do with the plant load covering space, access to financial capital, human capital cost and productivity, access to raw materials and energy. " reports that "... Data requested from the Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua (ProNicaragua) indicates that the sector in which there is the most capital inflow from Costa Rica is industry, followed by agriculture and trades and services. "

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