More Challenges to Maritime Services Act

At the Office of International Trade Negotiations at the Ministry of Commerce the negative impact that it would have on the country's maritime activity has been noted.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The law has been harshly criticized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Mici), who also considered that the agreements violate promotion and protection of investments and trade agreements signed by Panama.

If the project is approved, Panama could be subject to international lawsuits by countries with which it has signed free trade agreements, explained the technical staff of the Office of International Trade Negotiations Mici.

Ivelin Herrera, a member of the organization, informed Congress that they had received a communication from the U.S. Embassy who is "very concerned about this issue." Herrera also said that the project is not consistent with the vision of openness in maritime issues.

Joseph DiGeronimo, from the Panama Maritime Chamber, said that his organization opposes most of the rules established in the bill. "We are against the establishment of foreign investment restrictions."

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Auxiliary Maritime Services Affects Agreement with EU

September 2013

Law 41, which limits foreign investment in companies engaged in auxiliary maritime services, could jeopardize trade relations between Panama and the EU. reports that "The law, passed in June of this year, states that 75% of the shares of companies engaged in auxiliary maritime services for barges and boats must be owned by Panamanians".

Panama: Changes to Law on Auxiliary Maritime Services

June 2013

Amendments have been presented to the draft Law which states that 75% of the shares of companies in maritime services should belong to people of Panamanian nationality.

The legislator Yassir Purcait, will present changes in the first six articles of the draft which was taken up last week by the Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs of the Congress.

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