More Allegations of Egg Smuggling

Costa Rica egg producers are also complaining of loss of yield due to an increased supply, apparently from Panama.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Representatives of the National Poultry Chamber (Canavia) indicate that this situation has led to a drop in producer’s prices. The current value is $1.38 per kilo, well below the $2.06 that would be the price if all costs were covered.

Anthony Miranda, Santa Marta Poultry manager, added that at times farms have had to price the product at $ 0.79.

"In light of this situation, producers have conducted preliminary investigations on the southern border in order to detect illegal trafficking. They are being supported by the National Health Service (SENASA), however, they failed to prove there was smuggling", reported

Xinia Chaves, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), said that a meeting was held with the Ministry of Security regarding increasing surveillance on the roads in the south.

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Honduras and Nicaragua Face Off Over Egg Trade

April 2016

Citing lack of a seal to determine origin and product quality, the Nicaraguan industry is against eggs being imported from Honduras.

This conflict comes only days after Nicaraguan milk producers denounced the imposition by Honduras of non - tariff barriers on the entry of milk products coming from Nicaragua.

Union Puts Brakes on Egg Imports in Mexico

January 2013

A Mexican union of transporters has forced the internal transport of goods to be performed only in locally registered vans. reports that "Costa Rica has been unable to export eggs to Mexico because a transport union in that country insisted on the transfer of the product in order to allow its admission."

Nicaragua: Poultry Industry Up 17%

October 2012

The sector reported that it will close 2012 with growth of 17%, despite a 50% increase in the price of inputs and the effects of the sale of eggs smuggled from Honduras.

As reported in, production of eggs per day reached 46.000 boxes, while per capita consumption is 92 eggs a year, when in 2008 was 63.

Nicaragua: Concerns About Egg Smuggling

June 2011

The poultry sector in Nicaragua has denounced the importation of products from Honduras, which are causing losses for producers.

The president of the Nicaraguan Association of Small and Medium Poultry Producers , (APEMEP), Alfonso Valerio Muñiz told the press that
this week's seizing of 10,000 boxes of eggs is not the first, as in May the National Police seized 15,000 boxes.