Oppsition to the Moratorium on Energy From Waste

In Costa Rica the Association of Mayors has submitted a complaint against the prohibition of generating energy from solid waste, and requested the lifting of the moratorium.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Despite the fact that on July 21 an agreement was made to allow one month to define a regulation governing the activity, the government has not made any progress on the issue and municipalities have decided to file a lawsuit with the Administrative Tribunal.

The vice president of the National Association of Mayors and Municipalities (NHAI), Gilberto Monge said that "... the transformation of waste heat is already covered by the Law on Solid Waste Management. Monge, who is also the mayor of Mora, insisted that there are regulations and advances in other areas such as Europe, therefore they should be following those examples. "

Crhoy.com reports that "... 'There is a process for uncertainty used by companies that have processes pending in the Setena, in the ICE. This decree was made without a timeframe' criticized Monge. Given what they call lack of knowledge of certain areas, they will ask the court to suspend the decree as a precautionary measure."

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