Moin Terminal: Rate Reduction to be Negotiated

At the request of the export union, the Alvarado administration announced that it will negotiate with APM Terminals, a possible reduction in rates currently charged for loading and unloading of containers.

Friday, December 20, 2019

From the Cadexco statement:

San Jose, December 19, 2019. As representatives of the export sector, we see with positivism this great step taken by the Government authorities to negotiate the current rates of the Container Terminal of Moin (TCM), since a request led by the Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica (CADEXCO) is being considered in conjunction with other business chambers, which was delivered to the President of the Republic.

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"The rate being charged to exporters at this time in this terminal is the highest of the ports in Latin America, so we are very uncompetitive, especially for fresh produce exporters, which has faced great difficulties this year based on the impacts of the fall in the exchange rate, the phenomenon of El Niño, the strike last June and the fall in international prices. This translates into losses, as these costs are assumed by the exporters.

We hope that the authorities will be able to carry out this renegotiation, which would allow for a considerable reduction in foreign trade costs and give the export sector a breathing space, and that the figures we obtained this year can be reversed," explained Laura Bonilla, President of CADE.

See press release from the Presidency of the Republic (in Spanish).

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Exports: Negotiating to Reduce Costs

February 2020

In Costa Rica, exporters insist that rates be renegotiated at the Moin Container Terminal, since currently the cost of moving a container at that terminal exceeds by about $207 what was paid at the Japdeva docks.

The rates charged at the Moin Container Terminal (TCM) have been a matter of discussion for several months.

Moin: One Year of Operation with High Rates

November 2019

One year after the start-up of operations of the maritime terminal in Costa Rica, businessmen recognize that efficiency has improved, but insist that there should be a reduction in tariffs.

At the end of October 2018, the Moín Container Terminal was definitively received and immediately the seaport began to receive the first commercial ships.

Ocean Freight: New Rates in Moin

August 2019

Starting August 17, APM Terminals' new rates for the Moin Container Terminal will come into effect in Costa Rica, rising from $257 to $262 for the loading and unloading service.

The increase from $257.43 to $261.60 represents an adjustment of $4.17 per container, which applies whether the container is full or empty, as stipulated in clause of the concession contract signed between the company and the government of Costa Rica.

Delays in Moin Hinder Exports

April 2019

The closure of route 32 has generated delays in the maritime terminal of Costa Rica, delaying the entry of carriers to leave or withdraw cargo.

Five weeks after the start of operations of the Moin Container Terminal (TCM), the port in the Pacific in charge of APM Terminals, reports delays of at least 25 hours of work, which is due, according to the authorities, to the work of demarcation of the road between San Jose and Limon.