Possible Modifications to Telecommunications Act

In Guatemala and proposals arising from the recently passed amendment to the Communications Act, which extended radio concessions for 20 years.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

In light of the act coming into effect, deputies in the Transparency Commission are preparing a bill relating to the issue of transparency, Deputy Carlos Barreda, a member of the panel, said "We must establish that the usufruct be delivered through an auction or implement a public payment for its renewal. "

"The proposal includes adopting mechanisms such as those implemented in Peru and the Dominican Republic, where there is free broadband internet in all public schools as well as in ministries and other government agencies.

As a third point, it is expected that the state will grant frequencies to indigenous peoples. The proposal includes a space to be given in usufruct of 'at least one radio in each language community", Barreda said", noted an article in Siglo21.com.gt.

Meanwhile the deputy Amilcar Pop, said that members of the Community Radio Movement discussed the possibility of appealing against the published decree.

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Proposal in Costa Rica to Eliminate Tax on Internet Connections

October 2015

A bill has been presented to eliminate sales tax (13%) on internet access services in all its forms, including broadband and via mobile.

An article on Prensalibre.cr reviews the initiative presented by the Libertarian Movement Party which "... seeks to authentically interpret subsection g) of article 1 of Law No.

Lack of Transparency in Spectrum Management

July 2013

In Costa Rica "... there are mobile operators who did not go through a public tender process, who do not pay for the frequencies they use, and who do not have any coverage obligations ..."

"We are talking about public property which five years ago, when the Telecommunications Act was passed, had a low profile and was largely unregulated," noted an article in Elfinancierocrc.om.

The Business of Radio Spectrums in Guatemala

November 2012

The extension for another 20 years, without any fees, of the concessions for radio frequencies, will deprive the Guatemalan State of millions in income, and removes market transparency.

While in other countries concessions for the use of radio frequencies provide state coffers with many millions of dollars, in Guatemala, Congress has passed legislation extending licenses that are currently in effect for another 20 years, without any costs to the concessionaries, who in addition at the end of the period of usufruct, may renew them again.

Reform of Telecommunications Act

November 2011

If approved, the usufruct of radio, television and telephony frequencies would be extended to 25 years.

The reform of the Telecommunications Act will allow beneficiaries of radio, telephone and television frequencies, who have been given usufruct for 15 years to request an extension to 25 years.