Mobile Telephony Tax Would be Passed on to Consumers

The Telecommunications Union of Guatemala announced they will pass on to the consumers the proposed new tax.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The cost of each minute will increase from $0.04 (Q0.30) to $0.05 (Q0.45) and each mobile internet hour will cost $1.08 more.

Edwin Solares, president of the union, told "Each operator will have to review their business plans. Despite intense competition in the market, the tax proposed by the Executive will be passed on to the consumers".

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Businessmen Present Alternative to Tax Reform

March 2010

Guatemalan companies proposed the Government to tax cash deposits and increasing Value Added Tax from 12% to 13%.

Cacif, the Industry, Commerce, Finance and Agriculture Chamber also proposed taxing the first registration of vehicles.

“Additionally, Cacif proposed the creation of a Tax on Cash Deposits, which could generate $74.8 million in tax revenue”, reported

Guatemala: New Proposal for Taxing Mobile Telephony

January 2010

In the new proposal, the potential tax is lowered from $0.02 (Q0.15) per minute of network traffic, to $0.006 (Q0.05).

Officials have scheduled a technical meeting this week to analyze the new proposal.

"Government authorities explained that the proposal includes a Q5 ($0.6) charge for consumers using their devices to transfer data, a service not available in lower-end phones, and a Q0.05 ($0.006) charge per minute of voice calls. The Tax Authority will need special devices to measure the flow of data and voice", reported

New Mobile Telephony Tax in Guatemala

November 2009

The government included a tax for mobile phone calls in the tax reform project.

With this tribute, phone calls between different carriers will pay an additional $0.02 per minute.

"Currently, Guatemala has some of the lowest mobile telephony fees in Latin America, and the service has grown at fast pace in the country, reaching 14 million users, or one cellphone per inhabitant.

El Salvador Would Increase Taxes to Cigars and Beverages

September 2009

Within the tax reform, the Government is considering increasing taxes to alcoholic beverages and cigars.

This was communicated by Carlos Cáceres, Treasury Minister, who added that "...we are doing a review and will make a fair proposal, considering tax needs...".

Speaking on the topic, the president of brewer "La Constancia" (ILC) said that: "...