Mining Potential in Nicaragua

Metallic and non-metallic mining projects granted in concession cover 8.4% of the country's land area, but less than 1% are in operation.

Monday, August 7, 2017

From a report by the Chamber of Mining:

Of each dollar generated from metallic mining, 0.66 cents remain in Nicaragua in the form of payments for taxes, remuneration and acquisition of local goods and services. This is one of the main conclusions of the study entitled 'Analysis of mining activity in Nicaragua 2006-2016', prepared by the economist Néstor Avendaño, president of Consultores para el Desarrollo Empresarial S.A. (COPADES).

see also: "Metal Mining Figures in Central America"

In the case of non-metallic mining (production of sand, quarry stone, concrete, cement and aggregates for construction), 0.80 cents go into the national economy. This result means that the exploitation of mines and quarries is considered to be an activity that drives or boosts economic growth, particularly gold and materials used in construction, due to its strong chaining.

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Nicaragua: Incentives for Mining

June 2016

A bill proposes the creation of a public mining company, which would be able to participate in concessions and form associations with other public or private companies. reports that "...Some of the functions that this law would have is to carry out feasibility analysis to set up mineral processing establishments in areas with mining potential, within concession areas; and market products derived from the exploitation of mineral resources. "

Analysis of Mining Activity in Central America

November 2014

Conflicts over environmental protection and excessive bureaucracy in the process of granting concessions are the factors that limit the great mining potential in the region.

The mining sector in Central America represents great potential for investment and business, however, it has so far contributed only 0.75% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), averaged from the six countries in the region, between 2008 and 2012.

Mining Exploration Expanded in Nicaragua

August 2014

The Canadian company B2Gold will be extending exploration activities in the La Libertad gold mine for seven years and operating six other projects in other parts of the country.

The process of conversion of the La Libertad gold mine, initiated by the Canadian B2Gold and which currently extracts between 140,000 and 150,000 troy ounces of gold a year, will continue for seven years, according to statements made by company representatives.

The Mining Sector in Nicaragua

August 2014

In the last six years capacity mining production in the country has tripled and it is expected to increase even more with the startup of two new projects.

According to Denis Lanzas Cisneros, vice president of the Chamber of Mines of Nicaragua, one of the main reasons behind the growth of the sector in recent years is the regulatory framework which established the Mining Act, which "...