Milk Shakes in Emerging Markets

Global consumption of milk shakes will more than double in the next three years, as consumers prefer nutritious shakes in convenient packaging as an alternative to other beverages.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From a press release issued by the company Tetra Pak:

The sixth Tetra Pak Dairy Index highlights the increasing demand for ready to drink shakes, driven by health conscious consumers and its flavor.

A new study by Tetra Pak ®, the world leader in food processing and packaging, predicts that worldwide consumption of smoothies will more than double compared to the rate of milk consumed between 2012 and 2015, as consumers are turning more and more towards tasty milk drinks that are nutritious and have convenient packaging as an alternative to other beverages, which represents greater opportunities to increase the profitability of the dairy industry.

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Tetra Pak's Dairy Index for May 2012

May 2012

The next big market opportunity for the dairy industry will be in the low-income sector.

According to the 5th. version of the comprehensive Dairy Index study, developed by Tetra Pak, economic growth and new consumer preferences for healthier products, are the trends that mark this growth.

“Green” Packaging Gets Popular

October 2011

According to a study by Tetra Pak, comparing 2005 to the present day, 30% more consumers are making their purchasing choices based on the impact that the packaging may have on the environment.

The study shows a global preference for green packaging.

Consumers around the world are increasingly taking measures to protect the environment through recycling programs and environmentally responsible consumer awareness, reveals the latest Environmental Research Study 2011, developed by Tetra Pak.

Increased Milk Consumption in Panama

July 2011

This decade demand is expected to increase by 18%.

According to Dairy Index, a study conducted globally by the company Tetra Pak, the consumption of liquid milk in Panama will grow significantly.

One of the main reasons behind the 18% rise forecast by the study is the free trade agreement, which will boost imports of the product.

Demand for Dairy Products to Grow by 30%

July 2011

The rise of the middle class and its purchasing power in emerging countries is causing a boom in the global demand for liquid dairy products.

The fourth Tetra Pak Dairy Index provides valuable information on consumer trends that will shape the dairy industry over the next decade, creating new growth opportunities.