Mexico aims to unify trade accords with Central America

Mexico aims to unify its three existing trade accords with Central America, Eduardo Sojo, the Mexican economy minister, announced.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mexico has long-standing free trade accords with Nicaragua and Costa Rica, as well as a third – with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – that dates from 2001.
The first point to be debated is the issue of rules of origin. Under Mexico's proposed reform, raw materials could be obtained in any of the countries and turned into an industrialized product in another before being exported under the trade preferences contemplated in the accords.

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Optimism in Guatemala Over FTA with Mexico

September 2013

The current $550 million from the annual sales of Guatemalan products and services to Mexico could double with the entry into operation of the unified FTA between that country and the Central Americans.

Guatemalans are hoping that exports to the Aztec nation will double with the entry into force of the agreement which unifies the Mexican FTA's that were held separately with Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the CA-3.

Central America-Mexico FTA Enters Into Force

July 2013

Starting from July 1 the trade agreement with Mexico, a country with which trade reaches $10 billion per year, came into effect.

The agreement "strengthens the recognition of an extended economic zone where Central America can put more products under a single origin and continue complementing each other in the production of goods and services for export to Mexico," said Anabel Gonzalez, Costa Rican Foreign Trade Minister.

Benefits of a Unified FTA Mexico - Central America

January 2012

Central American countries will be able to access the Regional Integration Committee of Supplies, to supply raw materials for the development of Mexican goods, especially textiles.

After three years of negotiations, the Unified Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and Central America was signed on November 22nd 2011.

Central America to Unify FTAs with Mexico

March 2009

The governments will begin negotiations to create a single regional agreement with Mexico which would be ready by 2010.

Mexico currently has three commercial agreements in the region, one with Costa Rica another with Nicaragua and the other with the Northern Central American Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.)