Mexico Reinforces Controls on Footwear Imports

As part of the controls to combat smuggling, between May and July 29 companies were suspended from the list of importers, which represents 60% of the total volume of pairs of shoes entering the country.

Friday, November 7, 2014

In order to detect and prevent irregularities in the import of footwear, the General Administration of Federal Tax Audit Tax Administration Service of Mexico carried out 31 audits "... on the major importer of footwear, which represent 85% of the volume of shoes that are imported at low prices. ". Also, 18 suspension orders have been issued totaling $1.1 million. reports that "... In addition two internal fiscal reviews have been started on the main importers in the footwear sector . As a result of joint work with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property 19,296 pairs of footwear which passed through customs offices at the port of Manzanillo were seized. "

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Guatemala: Rise in Smuggled Footwear

August 2016

The devaluation of the Mexican peso could be one of the reasons behind the increase in the illegal entry of footwear from that country into Guatemala.

The effect of shoe smuggling across the border with Mexico is added to footwear imports from Asia, which despite paying the corresponding duties and taxes are, "...

Tariff on Footwear Imports in Mexico

August 2014

It has been announced that a tax of 25% to 30% will be applied to imports of footwear, as part of the suspension of tariff reduction implemented by the previous government.

In addition to the tariff, shoes "... may only be imported through nine customs offices, instead of the previous 33: Lazaro Cardenas, Manzanillo, Mexico, Guadalajara, Veracruz, Tijuana, Mexico City International Airport, Ciudad Hidalgo and Nuevo Laredo. "

Nicaragua: Opportunity in Women's Shoes

June 2014

North American entrepreneurs in the footwear sector have emphasized the advantages of the Nicaraguan industry as providers of high heel shoes for ladies.

Surpassing China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh and ranking below average in cost of quality leather shoes ($ 3.30 per pair), manufacturing soles ($ 0.43) and the development of a pair women shoes ($ 8.17), Nicaragua has become highly attractive as a destination for industry manufacturers and a candidate for a strong manufacturer and exporter of women's shoes.

Better Customs Offices to Combat Smuggling

June 2013

Central American industry is calling for strengthening of customs controls in the region, in order to contain the constant border crossings made with smuggled goods.

According to Carlos Enrique Rivera, secretary general of the Federation of Chambers and Industrial Associations of Central America and the Dominican Republic (FECAICA), at the border located in Melchor de Mencos, Peten, which borders Belize, there is no control to prevent the entry of illegal goods, which apparently heads toward Mexico, but 15% remains in Guatemala, without having made tax declarations.