Mergers and Acquisitions in Costa Rica

As of April 5 mergers and acquisitions will have to be approved at the Antitrust Commission, part of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade, before they can take place.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From that date, the Antitrust Commission, at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC), will have the power to approve or deny deals, if it is concluded that they would result in undue concentration of business. The activities which must be reported to this Committee are those in which the assets of the companies involved exceed $15 million.

Once the agreement is signed, mergers or acquisitions must be reported before or within five days, otherwise, the parties could face fines ranging from $205,000 to $340,000.

According to Victoria Velazquez, director of the Commission for the Support of Competition, "agreements made ​​before April 5, need not be reported, however, the Commission may investigate and, if appropriate, and makes sanctions which include total or partial devolution ".

"We are only interested in transactions which cause problems, not all of them will be reviewed," she added.

"... The regulations of the the law are under consultation and the Commission expects them to be ready later this month", reported

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How Antitrust Law in Costa Rica Works

July 2013

Four months ago mergers and acquisitions in Costa Rica were conducted without any governmental control.

Now, operations of this type over $15 million must be authorized by the Commission to Promote Competition (COPROCOM) in the first four months of rule of law, four mergers or acquisitions of companies have been authorized

Pharmacy War Goes to Competition Tribunal

June 2012

In Costa Rica, Compañía Farmacéutica S. A. (Cofasa) has filed a suit over monopolistic acts by the Corporation which owns the Fischel pharmacies .

Cofasa's lawyer, in a complaint before the National Competition Commission at the Ministry of Economy, said that the CEFA Corporation, which owns the pharmacy chain Fischel, "...

Appeal Against Fine for Monopolistic Concentration

January 2012

The company Mabeca has filed an appeal citing unconstitutionality with the Sala IV (Constitutional Court) of Costa Rica, claiming disproportionality in the fine of $2.3 million that has been applied to them.

In August 2011, the Commission to Promote Competition under the Costa Rican Ministry of Economy, found that after the acquisition of Atlas Eléctrica by Mexican company Mabe in 2008, there was a "prohibited concentration" according to the law for promoting competition and consumer protection, and imposed a fine of $2.3 million.

$2 mlllion Fine for Monopolistic Concentration

August 2011

Following the purchase of the Costa Rican company Atlas, the Mexican group Mabe has near total monopoly of the household appliances sector.

The Commission to Promote Competition in Costa Rican’s Ministry of Economy, found that after the acquisition of Atlas, there was a 'prohibited concentration", according to the law to promote competition and consumer protection.