Mergers and Acquisitions: What to Expect

Due to the economic crisis, it is expected that during 2021 the number of business alliances and company sales will increase, especially in the most damaged sectors, such as tourism, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, education and real estate.

Monday, October 26, 2020

The restrictions imposed by the governments of the region due to the covid-19 outbreak, has generated economic losses in most of the productive sectors, including reported business closures and increases in unemployment levels.

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Since March of this year the commercial reality began to change, with the growth of collaborative businesses and the rise of e-commerce, one of the proofs that consumer habits have changed quickly. The need to get closer to consumers and to strengthen digital marketing channels could lead to strategic alliances.

The economic crisis combined with the change in the ways of consuming are phenomena that would promote a recomposition in the share of participation of competitors, which would be reflected in the increase of business mergers and purchases of companies, according to specialists.

Andrey Dorado, partner of the Competition practice area of the Arias law firm in Costa Rica, told that "... we have already identified interest from groups to acquire from the tourism, hotel and franchise sector in general, who at the same time are interested in finding a strategic partner or ally."

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For Juan Manuel Godoy, partner of Consortium Legal, "... the opportunities of the region could be presented by the lack of a developed stock market and the economy has a component of family businesses with little margin for refinancing. These companies will possibly be much more attractive targets because they have few alternatives beyond those related to the possibilities that the banks give to those who already owe them. This, together with a possible desire to have liquidity, could lead a certain level of businesspeople to be ready to open up their capital."

The sale of Glovo's Central American operation to the German Delivery Hero, and the merger of the online sales portals OLX and Encuentra 24, could be the prelude to what is coming up in 2021.

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