Roasted Coffee Market in Germany

The European country is a mature market in the production, marketing and consumption of coffee, and despite its developed roasting industry, it is a major importer of roasted coffee.

Monday, October 9, 2017

From the market study "Roasted coffee in Germany" by Procomer: 

The traditional commercial dynamic of coffee in Europe is to import fresh produce from Latin America and roast it in the markets with a developed roasting industry such as Holland, Italy, and Germany, among others. For this reason Latin American roasted coffee has a minimal share, representing in Germany for example, 0.1% of their imports.

Germany is a mature market in the production, marketing and consumption of coffee.  It has a developed roasting industry and is still a major importer of roasted coffee. In 2016, the market reached a volume of 408 thousand MT (retail sales + foodservice), being in Europe, the 7th country with the highest sales per capita (4.9 kg per person per year).  The German coffee retail market was valued at USD 5,308 million in 2016.   

Read study "Roasted Coffee Market in Germany". (In Spanish)

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