Medical Supplies for COVID-19

In Nicaragua, the general procurement division of the Ministry of Health tenders the procurement of medicines, MRP and laboratories for the supply of health units with COVID-19 care.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Nicaraguan Government Purchase 41/2021:

"The Ministry of Health of Nicaragua, requires by simplified contracting medical supplies to serve health units that serve patients with COVID-19.

Details of some medical supplies are listed below.

* 7,000 FAM voriconazole 200 mg: Powder for IV injectable solution.

* 27,000 voriconazole 200 mg: Oral tablet.

* 24,000 itraconazole 100 mg: Oral tablet.

*1,000 nasal cannula for high-flow oxygen therapy between 30 - 60 L/min.

* 1,000 kg soda lime (similar to soda line) airtight container: For anesthesia machine, CO2 absorbing granules, whitish color, changes color to violet.

* 60 units disposable tracheostomy tube with balloon and internal cannula N° 7.5: Hollow tubular device, curved downwards.

* 10,000 units disposable Ebola suits: Protective suit consisting of a coverall with front zipper, boots, elastic wrists and integrated hood with or without visor on the face, olefin material, extra long size, individual packaging, disposable.

Enter the tender for more information."

Deadline to submit bids: September 24, 2021.

See tender.

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October 2020

In the Dominican Republic, the supply of medicines and medical sanitary inputs is being tendered, which will be used to mitigate the spread of covid-19.

Dominican Republic Government Purchase PROMESECAL-MAE-PEEN-2020-0028:

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-Ocetaminophen vial 100 ml

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Tender: Medical Supplies for $3 million

April 2016

The Costa Rican Department of Social Security is putting out to tender the supply of 13 thousand units of interferon beta 1-A, from recombinant DNA, 30 UG.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2016LN-000016-05101:

"The Department requires 13,000 units of interferon beta 1-A originating from recombinant DNA, UG 30 (6 million IU / 0.5 ml. Sterile fluid. 1 ml prefilled glass syringe.) "