Meat and Sausages: New Competitor in Costa Rica

Dos Pinos will begin to compete in the Costa Rican beef, pork and sausage market through the La Granja brand.

Friday, June 25, 2021

The companies informed that the plan is to offer the new line of products starting in the second half of 2021, being caterers, bakeries and grocery stores, the marketing channels that will be used to reach consumers.

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Dos Pinos explained to that "... production is carried out through alliances with highly experienced processing plants in the domestic market and taking advantage of the synergies of the existing facilities of the Dos Pinos Milk Producers' Cooperative."

Ronald Vargas, director of La Granja's Meat Division, pointed out that "... the company's interest is to offer products focused on quality and with a great deal of innovation."

La Granja is a brand owned by the Cooperative and under it they currently sell dairy products such as custard and cheese.

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