Marketing Reinvents Itself

It is no longer just advertising. Marketing managers must operate in an integrated manner and demonstrate return on investment for every dollar they spend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Many examples are showing that one of the first budgets to be trimmed in these times of crisis, is marketing. Against this backdrop, the emphasis is on continue communicating with clients and not abandoning efforts in this area.

What is new is the trend by marketing management to evolve from roles of mere promotion and media relations toward greater integration with other sectors of the company, especially finance, and the acquisition of the obligation to justify each action with results.

In his article published in Americaeconomí, Arly Faundes reported that Erick Martínez, performance improvement practice manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said that, "while the field of marketing had a justification for being more qualitative before, it is now quantitative, which has forced them to include metrics such as ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment), which basically calculates how much is gained in sales or market share for every dollar invested in marketing, something that many areas of marketing did not include in their duties before."

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Return on Advertising Investment

September 2010

Marketing Managers are applying financial engineering methods to optimize their portfolio of marketing campaigns.

The growing concern from Marketing Managers about return on advertising is making them look more and more like financial managers.

Many millions are spent on advertising (in Central America about $ 1.8 billion per year), usually in a mix of different types of media and to apply expense optimization methods of portfolio investments, will lead to better rates of return on investments.

Marketing Managers: Agility is Key

June 2010

A modern marketing manager must not only worry for building brand value, as it must also be killed in digital communication and have comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Future marketing managers will have to speak the same language as the rest of their organization, to be able to understand how their actions fit in a larger whole.

Increase the ROI of Online Advertising

February 2010

Advertising online is not an option anymore but a necessity, and requires stricter planning than traditional advertising.

Every cent spent in an advertising budget must be carefully planned. These are though times, with fierce competition in all fields. Preparing successful advertising campaigns requires a lot of work, and actions in several fronts.

Advertise Online - Count the Clicks - Optimize

June 2009

Advertising on the web is not only cheaper, it is also much more effective because its impact will be known quickly and it can be changed to optimize it.

Do not spend too much time thinking about “THE big idea” for a campaign. Put different banners on the web in different shapes and sizes, in different mediums, with different ideas and concepts.