Market for Timber and its Derivatives in Costa Rica

Production and sales figures and an analysis of the barriers to the use and economic activity of timber in Costa Rica and how to overcome them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

From a report entitled "Market for timber and timber derivatives in Costa Rica by the Forestry Financing Fund (FONAFIFO):

This paper develops a strategy and a plan to increase the consumption of wood in the Costa Rican market. The proposal is based on an analysis of economic activity in the forestry sector and its flows. A deepening of the knowledge of the timber market has been achieved through a strong focus on supply and demand, as well as trade of products and determination of the main barriers that discourage the use and economic activity related to wood in Costa Rica. The size of the domestic market for timber and its derivatives is 643 000-669 000 cubic meters per year and their activities add to the economy more than $300 million in 2014.  

The whole value chain of wood generates about 15 000 permanent jobs. However, forestry and employment in the sector are in constant decline although in 2014 there was a slight improvement.

Read full report (in spanish).

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Projections for the Forestry Trade

February 2018

Representatives of the union in Nicaragua announced that this year they plan to plant between 1,200 and 1,500 hectares, which will be added to the 28,000 already planted in recent years.

In relation to the plans for this year, Salvador Mayorga Sacasa, president of the National Reforestation Association, informed that " ..." this year we expect to increase by between 1,200 and 1,500 hectares. It's a small amount, really, because the country could grow in this sector much more.'"

Statistics on Timber Sector in Costa Rica

September 2017

In 2016, 965 thousand cubic meters of roundwood were processed, 77% of which came from forest plantations, 17% from land and agriculture use, and 5% from forests.

From the summary of the National Forest Office (ONF) report :

As part of the results of this report, the primary wood processing industry, including stationary and portable units, is estimated to have processed 965,602 cubic meters of roundwood (m3-r). Of this volume, 745,267 m3-r (77.2%) came from forest plantations, 171,017 m3-r from land for agricultural use (17.7%) and 49,318 m3-r from forests (5.1%). Based on the above information, an increase of 0.9% is confirmed compared to the volume of logs reported in 2015.  

Costa Rica: Forestry Loses Competitiveness

May 2017

Cheaper wood imports from Chile and an increasing demand for substitute products such as perling and gypsum are some of the reasons for the decline in local production.

Figures from the National Forestry Office indicate that the area planted with forest plantations went from "...

Costa Rica: Figures in the Timber Sector

August 2015

In 2014 1.017.000 cubic meters of roundwood timber were processed, of which 78% came from forest plantations, 20% from land in use and agriculture, and 2% from forests.

From a summary of the study by the National Forestry Office (ONF):

As part of the results revealed in this report, it is estimated that the industry of primary wood processing, in both stationary and portable plants, processed 1,017,000 cubic meters of roundwood (m3-r). Of that amount, 788,666 m3-r (77.6%) come from forest plantations, 207,693 m3-r from land used for agricultural (20.4%) and 20,640 m3-r from forests (2%). This information confirms a 4.4% increase in volume compared to the amounts reported in 2013.