Market Supports Grand Canal of Nicaragua

The continuing evolution of maritime transport towards ever larger ships is the main reason that Maersk shipping line sees the mega project as a real option for the future.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Commercial validation of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua project has been underpinned by the opinions expressed by the Head of Daily Operations at Maersk Line, Keith Svendsen, who told that while the Panama Canal expansion will allow the passage of much larger vessels than at present, the maximum length that will be admited is 336 meters, while the Triple-E series used by the leading global shipping company, now measures 400 meters.

And this trend of increasing the size of cargo ships will carry on, which would give an advantage to Grand Canal of Nicaragua, compared to the expanded Panama Canal.

The Grand Canal of Nicaragua is still a long way from being confirmed as a feasible project in every way, but the view of this company, which could be one of its major customers, lends it strong support.

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Maersk and the Expanded Canal

April 2016

The shipping company has drawn attention to the impact that the Canal expansion will have on its operations noting that there are still only a few ports that can receive Post Panamax vessels.

The two routes that the Danish shipping company Maersk Line ceased to operate in 2013 were of great importance for Latin America, whose operations account for 10% of the company's total sales worldwide.

Better Logistics for Trade with Asia

January 2016

The arrival of the first ships with capacity of 13 TEUs at the Panamanian port of Balboa is evidence of how shipping services are changing, a prelude to the opening of the expanded Canal.

Trips taken by cargo bound for East Asia with two major shipping companies in the world, Maersk Line and MSC, will be shorter, thanks to the port at Balboa now being able to manage ships carrying over 13,000 TEUs's, a capacity which is close to the amount carried by ships which will pass through the expanded Canal.

Canal Expansion: $75 Million in Loses

May 2014

While the canal expansion is not finished the Maersk and Evergreen shipping lines are transporting goods in post Panamax ships through the Suez Canal.

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) estimated that the temporary transfer of some of the services of Evergreen and Maersk Line shipping means they will lose out on $44 and $30 million respectively.

Maersk Will Continue Operating Through Panama Canal

April 2013

Modification of two routes to pass through the Suez Canal is temporary, until works have been completed on the Panama Canal expansion.

So stated by Ariel Frias, marketing and communications manager of Maersk Line, a company which has used the waterway for over 90 years as a route to transport goods to different continents.