Maritime Terminal Improvements: Award Suspended

Arguing that three inconsistencies were detected, the General Comptroller's Office of Guatemala ordered to temporarily suspend the bidding of the contract for the improvement of the breakwaters of Port Quetzal.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

This is the public tender called "Improvement of Port Infrastructure East and West Breakwaters", which on March 3 was awarded to the company Supervision, Construccion y Mantenimiento, S.A., for $62 million.

Monica Monge, spokeswoman for the General Comptroller's Office (CGC), told that "... the inconsistencies detected were: fundamental requirements for the issuance of the work visit certificate, deficiencies from the bidding basis to the process schedule and non-compliance with legal regulations in the opening of the tenders (bids)."

Although the awarding process has already passed, legal analyses are being carried out for not having complied with this temporary suspension, which would imply administrative and criminal sanctions for those responsible, Monge explained.

See "Three Tenders to Improve Maritime Terminal"

Juan Suarez, president of the Council of International Transport Users of Guatemala (Cutrigua), pointed out that "... as a private sector they are always interested in making investments in infrastructure that help to improve the competitiveness of the processes, and in this case, we are talking about improving the efficiency of an international port for exports and imports. But on this occasion we have the details of the contracting, and what is expected is that all the technical criteria have been taken into account to build a breakwater."

Suarez added that a breakwater is not a retaining wall, but a filter that absorbs the sea's energy, and these are part of the technical criteria that must be respected, since we have one that has worked well for 30 years.

For now, we will have to wait for the final resolution of the authorities, who will have to establish if the suspension is lifted or remains firm.

See details of the tender.

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