Maritime Services Reopened to Foreign Investment

Panama's National Assembly has passed a law which removes the restrictions imposed in 2013 on granting operating licenses to foreign companies for the provision of ancillary maritime services.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

From a statement issued by the National Assembly of Panama:

The full Legislature approved on its third reading an initiative which fosters and promotes the auxiliary maritime industry, which is considered a pillar of development because of its contribution of 20% of gross domestic product and source of employment.

Bill 117, modifies Article 43 of Law 41 of June 14, 2013, regarding working at sea, which significantly restricts foreign investors from accessing the Panamanian market in the provision of those services and which, according to those knowledgeable in legal matters, undermines legal certainty.

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Request to Exclude Maritime Sector from FTA with China

October 2018

Arguing that local investments could be at risk, the Maritime Chamber requested the exclusion of the maritime sector from the trade agreement that Panama negotiates with the Asiatic giant.

In a note addressed to the Chief Negotiator of Panama, the trade guild of the sector requested not to include the maritime sector, and especially the auxiliary maritime industry, in the negotiations of the FTA between Panama and China.

Panama: Maritime Licenses Suspended

October 2015

The maritime union is opposed to the decision of the Maritime Port Authority to suspend the licensing for service provisioning and transport of fuel.

The only companies exempt from the measure are those with an existing direct contract with any oil company, according to the letter sent by Gerardo Varela, General Director of Ports and Auxiliary Maritime Industries at the AMP, to the Maritime Chamber of Panama, shipping companies and users of the entity.

El Salvador: Standardizing Port Charges

March 2015

A suggestion has been made to establish flat rates abroad and attract more port services companies in order to eliminate the concentration that exists today.

From a statement issued by the Superintendency of Competition in El Salvador:

The consultant Edgardo Gamarra, a specialist in competition and in the field of maritime port services, today introduced the "Study of the Conditions of Competition in the Maritime Port Sector in El Salvador" requested by the Superintendency of Competition. The Governing Board of the institution will analyze these results and then issue a resolution with recommendations to promote competition in this sector.

Panama: Changes to Law on Auxiliary Maritime Services

June 2013

Amendments have been presented to the draft Law which states that 75% of the shares of companies in maritime services should belong to people of Panamanian nationality.

The legislator Yassir Purcait, will present changes in the first six articles of the draft which was taken up last week by the Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs of the Congress.