Managua Needs to Invest in Water

The exploitation of groundwater is reaching its limits in a city where 95% of the drinking water comes from that source and is distributed through a network which is 70 years old.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In order for Managua to have the necessary infrastructure to accompany the economic growth projected for the coming years, the city need to invest in new sources of drinking water.

"... According to the study "Diagnosis of water in the Americas', the greatest potential for surface water for drinking water in Nicaragua is concentrated in the Cocibolca lake, which has an area of ​​8,264 square kilometers and an average volume of discharge into the river San Juan de 12614.4 million cubic meters of water per year. "

"With the growth of cities, as in the case of Managua, Estelí, Matagalpa and Leon, new wells are needed to supply the population. Of course, there is a limit to the exploitation of underground aquifers, making it necessary to plan to use other sources of water that can be surface water" suggested Nelson Medina, a World Bank specialist. reports that "... Official information reveals that this year Enacal will be investing $74 million to develop water and sanitation works nationwide. In the first quarter the company plans to exploit 127 million cubic meters of water, which would provide the service to 627,000 households across the country. "

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The lack of this liquid in cantons such as Puriscal, where they say the problem will continue for three more years, is generating opportunities for water storage and treatment products.

Mismanagement of water resources is the cause of a growing number problems in providing water for both human consumption and industrial use, and at the same time is creating opportunities for businesses. 

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An agreement has been made to transfer resources to the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewage Systems in order to carry out water treatment works, buy equipment and renovate wells.

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Mismanagement of water resources causes growing problems in the supply of water for both human consumption and industrial use, but also presents opportunities for businesses.

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